Training Courses

Naad Yoga teaches us not to do, but to be meditation:

on the yoga mat, in our relationships, at work, in our free time – yes, even when preparing the tax return. The way to get there is an intensive process of communication with ourselves, which we accompany in our training courses in cooperation with Raj Academy and Yogi of Sound. Self-regulation, self-awareness, self-love... How many times have we heard about these ideas. Naad Yoga prepares us to live them by consciously framing the never-ending dialogue between our creative side, the soul, our logical side, the mind, and our body as a beautiful composition.

Do you feel a great inner power that is ready to unfold?

All your creativity, knowledge and experience are required to grow through the art of Naad Yoga into the inspiration that you are - through expressing your voice clearly and trusting your own wisdom. In the Naad Yoga Teacher Training you will learn to consciously perceive and design your life through deep listening and creative expression.


3 Years 

Training with voice and instrument 
⦁ Monthly group sessions 
Weekly 1-to-1 tutoring 

Individual practice with the Raj Academy WebSchool 
Annual Intensive Retreat 

18.11.2023  Start Sound Therapist

 Open your heart and experience the healing power of your voice.

In the Sound Therapist Course you learn to hear the truth behind the words and to connect your intuition, your knowledge and your compassion. Recognise and solve problems at their source and refine the scale of your expressiveness. The system of Raag therapy from ancient India gives you precious knowledge about the transforming power of sound.


⦁ 3 Years 

⦁ Training with voice 
⦁ Monthly group session weekends 
⦁ Exklusive backdrop tracks 

⦁ Personal accompaniment 
⦁ Annual Intensive Retreat 

NYTT ⦁ Talk with the Yogi of Sound

NYTT & STC  India Retreat

Sound Therapy  with Jasvir & Gagan

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