Sound Therapist Course


Open your heart and experience the healing power of your voice.

In the Sound Therapist Course you learn to hear the truth behind the words and to connect your intuition, your knowledge and your compassion. Recognise and solve problems at their source and refine the scale of your expressiveness. The system of Raag therapy from ancient India gives you precious knowledge about the transforming power of sound.


 Unfold your natural healing powers 


Learn how you can use sounds to express and change emotions and moods. Learn to harmonise your inner rhythms and balance your two cerebral hemispheres. Naad Yoga enables you to raise your energy field and thus help yourself and others.

During the training you will be able to apply your newly acquired knowledge in real case studies.


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Sound Therapist ⦁ Vision

Sound Therapist  Course Insights

Year 1  Gobinday Mukanday Mantr

Your Team


You already know the most important team member.ッ You don't need any prior knowledge for the training, only your desire to connect with yourself.


I am a musician and passionate Naad Yoga teacher and I am very much looking forward to accompanying you on your journey.

Yogi of Sound

Yogi Ji has dedicated his life to sound. He teaches all over the world and is lovingly in personal contact with each and every of his students.

Your Year

36 hours
individual studies

You invest 36 hours in your independent study with daily meditations, mantras and contemplations.

72 hours
in the group with Niranjan

Once a month we meet for a weekend where we work intensively together – over nine months.

36 hours with Yogi
Professor Surinder Singh

In August we invite you to an intensive week where you have the opportunity to learn from Yogi Ji personally.

Your Journey Start

   G A I E N H O F E N   


Year 1

Start: 18/19 November 2023


Saturdays from 3pm - 7pm
Sundays from 10am - 2pm

at Chardikala & online



Registration deadline: 15th October 2023




The training only starts when the required minimum number of participants has been reached.




Intensive Week with Yogi Professor Surinder Singh 

in August 2024






   K A R L S R U H E   


Year 3

22/23 April 2023
20/21 May 2023
24/25 June 2023

29/30 July 2023
30 Sept / 01 October 2023
04/05 November 2023
02/03 December 2023
13/14 January 2024
10/11 February 2024



Saturdays from 3pm - 7pm
Sundays from 10am - 2pm
at the Sangat & online



India Retreat with Yogi Professor Surinder Singh 

expectedly in March 2024


Your Destination


The complete Sound Therapist Course takes three years.

In the last year of training you have the opportunity to travel to India with us.

Here are a few small impressions of our India Retreats:

Photo: Dumitritza Gore
Photo: Dumitritza Gore

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