Naad Yoga Teacher Training

Do you feel a great inner power that is ready to unfold?

All your creativity, knowledge and experience are required to grow through the art of Naad Yoga into the inspiration that you are - through expressing your voice clearly and trusting your own wisdom.


⦁ Compose your life 


In the Naad Yoga Teacher Training you will learn to consciously perceive and design your life through deep listening and creative expression.

Already after the first year you can sing your deepest emotions with the beautiful Indian instrument Dilruba and transmute them into a transformative power. Are you ready?


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   Y O U R   V O I C E   

Your voice is your greatest instrument. It allows you to listen to your deepest self, to encounter every nuance of your emotions, to express them with feeling and to consciously transform them into healing melodious moods. Your voice is unique, beautiful and powerful. Perhaps some careless remarks have hurt it in the past. Maybe it has let you down at one time or another. Now is the time to reconnect with it and unleash its natural power.

   Y O U R   S E N S E S   

You begin to live. To smell the earth. to feel the wind. to taste the water. To see the glitter. To hear infinity. Your five senses transform your experience into a rich, colourful, five-dimensional work of art. This inspires you to get to know your inner senses as well. Lust, your flowing creative power. Anger, your inner fire. Greed, your heart drive. Attachment, your magical connection energy. Ego, your cognitive ability. And when you are familiar with all your senses, mastery easily arises from your subtle perception.

   Y O U R   S A A J   

The Dilruba, your heart stealer, always accompanies you on your way. It is your personal Saaj, your sacred instrument. As your most faithful companion, it becomes an extension of your own body and is a perfect mirror of your soul. After just a few days, you can elicit beautiful sounds from it that will immerse you in your inner world. The Dilruba is your spiritual sword that accompanies you through fire and water and lets you emerge victorious from all your adventures. And it is your home, which lovingly connects you with your heart again and again.

   Y O U R   S A N G A T   

Your sangat is your spiritual family. These are the people with whom you not only talk about your special experiences, but with whom you make them. The people you laugh and cry with and turn both into beautiful melodies. Together you dive into the world of sound, create extraordinary spaces and bring each other into inspiring resonance. These special people will soon become a valuable and indispensable part of your emotional, mental, and spiritual learning and growth.

   Y O U R   S E L F   

Naad Yoga bereitet dich darauf vor zu sein. Dieser Zustand des Seins ist  der Mittelpunkt des Unendlichkeitssymbols, an dem sich all deine Erfahrungen aus der Vergangenheit und all deine Wünsche und Träume für die Zukunft treffen. Dieser Moment ist real, er ist jetzt und er ist unglaublich kraftvoll. Aus ihm schöpfst du dein individuelles Leben. Guru Nanak sagt: Gewinne deinen Verstand, so gewinnst du die Welt. Mit den Techniken und Werkzeugen des Naad Yoga wirst du das Herz deines Verstandes erobern und wirst selbst zum Klang, zur Heilung und zur ultimativen Lösung.

Naad Yoga prepares you to be. This state of being is the focal point of the infinity symbol, where all your past experiences and all your desires and dreams for the future meet. This moment is real, it is now and it is incredibly powerful. You draw your individual life from it. Guru Nanak says: Win your mind and you win the world. With the techniques and tools of Naad Yoga you will conquer the heart of your mind and become sound, healing and the ultimate solution yourself.

Your Team


You already know the most important team member.ッ You don't need any prior knowledge for the training, only your desire to connect with yourself.

Your Tutor

During your entire time of your training, you will be personally accompanied and guided by a tutor who has been especially selected for you.


I am a musician and passionate Naad Yoga teacher and I am very much looking forward to accompanying you on your journey.

Yogi of Sound

Yogi Ji has dedicated his life to sound. He teaches all over the world and is lovingly in personal contact with each and every of his students.

Your Year

36 hours
individual studies

You invest 36 hours in your independent studies with our carefully structured Raj Academy WebSchool.

36 hours

with your personal tutor

Your tutor teaches and inspires you personally once a week, either in physical presence or online.

36 hours
in the group with Niranjan

Once a month we meet for four hours to deepen the content and experience it together – over a period of nine months.

36 hours with Yogi Professor Surinder Singh

In August we invite you to an intensive week where you have the opportunity to learn from Yogi Ji personally.

Your Journey Start

   G A I E N H O F E N   


Jahr 1

9 October 2022

6 November 2022
4 December 2022
15 January 2023
5 February 2023
5 March 2023
26 March 2023
30 April 2023
4 June 2023

from 9am - 1pm
at Chardikala & online



Intensive Retreat with Yogi Professor Surinder Singh

in August 2023


   M A N N H E I M   


 Jahr 2

15 October 2022

19 November 2022
10 December 2022
14 January 2023
11 February 2023
11 March 2023
15 April 2023
13 May 2023
17 June 2023



from 9am - 1pm 

in the SoundOase




Intensive Retreat with Yogi Professor Surinder Singh

in August 2023


Dein Destination


The complete Naad Yoga Teacher Training takes three years.

In the last year of training you have the opportunity to travel to India with us.

Here are a few small impressions of our India Retreats:

Photo: Dumitritza Gore
Photo: Dumitritza Gore

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