Five Conversations on Love

 Release on July 22, 2022 

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Working on my debut album, I moved from loss to love.

The songs I wrote on my piano are a raw expression of feeling,
a continuation of and a tribute to the music that has touched my heart throughout my life.
My compositions in Indian Raags are my chosen medicine.

Their words are in the ancient sound language Gurmukhi.

Their prescribed sound structures hold a power that goes beyond expression.
They are the antidote, the therapy, the magic.

This is a journey from duality to oneness through conversation.

Uniting my mind with my soul. My dream with my reality. My heart with my world.

This is a journey from loss to love.



My Five Conversations on Love combine pop songs with Sabds in Indian Raags via a thematic-emotional bridge.

They are a reflection of my experience of heart break unfolding in the play between my musical worlds.

My compositions are the result of an intuitive process in which sound gave me its hand when I needed it most.

The stages of my journey from sadness to love are:


1 Loss ⦁ 2 Denial  3 Longing ⦁ 4 Anger – 5 Empowerment ⦁ 6 Bargaining – 7 Love ⦁ 8  Depression – 9 Rebirth ⦁ 10 Life


The Blessing

(Raag Suhee Kafi)




Vacuum of Grace
3 Satnam

(Raag Majh)

feat. Guru Kaur



Bande Khoj Dil Har Roj

(Raag Tilang)


Love Letter
7 Mere Ram Rae Tudh Chit Aeai Oubare

(Raag Suhee)



Wounded Fighter
9 Tou Mai Har Har Kareea

(Raag Bihagra)

feat. Preetinder Singh Dhindsa



10 Set Sail – Ek Onkaar

(Raag Asa)

feat. Yashpreet Singh Matharu


I am Niranjan.

I was born at the right time and place on planet earth

and I grew up among many people, animals and plants.

My deepest desire has always been to sing.
Although my musical talent was encouraged, I was not seen in this my greatest wish.

Instead I learned piano and clarinet. Even in my music studies there was nobody

who encouraged me to trust my voice.

I had at least a little bit of a voice, they said.

It was only through my encounter Naad Yoga that I found the key to my voice.

It was only my greatest pain that kindled the courage, even the need, to show myself with it.

Now I am what I always have been: the composer of my life.

A singer.

On my musical journey I encountered many forms of expression: classical, pop, jazz -

and finally the deeply healing traditional music of North India.

In my work I connect these worlds without touching their inner perfection.

Through this I want to create a bridge to new worlds for those who listen,

and for myself, a new connection to myself.

My religion is kindness, my philosophy is freedom, my teacher is life.

My deepest inspiration

is love always.

Portraits 1, 2, 4, 5: Dumitritza Gore | Portrait 3 & band photo: Fadi Houbaila

Out Soon ⦁ Five Conversations on Love

The Blessing  Preparation 2021

From Loss to Love  Guru & Niranjan

Photo: Dumitritza Gore
Photo: Dumitritza Gore


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