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Win the heart of your mind and you win the world.

This hundreds of years old wisdom of Guru Nanak is currently being revived and tried out in the most colorful variations, and yet the hoped-for results often fail to materialise. How can an affirmation work if you don't feel it? What use is a vision board if you don't have the strength to implement it? It's time to go deeper and learn about the infinite power of our emotions. With sparkling impulses from the treasure chest of Naad Yoga, we will take effective steps together to unfold your natural potential and transform your life into a magnificent work of art.


Photo: Kirsti Abernethy
Photo: Kirsti Abernethy

21.11.  Kirtan Seva – live on YouTube

19.12.  Kirtan Seva Sangat – register here

Kirtan Seva is a monthly space for sound experience and creative exchange that has existed since 2020. Impulse live streams on YouTube and workshops via Zoom take place alternately. The donations of the participants go equally to the financing of Kirtan Seva, to a tree planting project and to the Naad Yoga Council e.V. Join us and become a part of our wonderful and inspiring Kirtan Seva community.


Photo: Kirsti Abernethy
Photo: Kirsti Abernethy

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I give you my hand and invite you to open your emotional world in order to fully perceive and design your life in a self-determined way. The starting point can be a pain that you want to process or a wish that you carry within you. Adapted to your needs, we move from conversation to the world of sound, where we can listen, feel and express most authentically. I'm looking forward to working with you.

Kirtan Seva ⦁ Care – Raag Suhee Kafi

Kirtan Seva ⦁ Accept – Raag Tilang Kafi

Kirtan Seva ⦁ Flow – Raag Todi

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