Happiness through sound

I am Niranjan and my vision is to make your world shine with creativity, joy and naturalness.

As a professional musician, I unexpectedly fell in love with the path of Naad Yoga, which combines music, philosophy and psychology in a great art of life. Today I train Naad Yoga teachers and Sound Therapists, teach at the Mannheim University of Music and create my art projects with passion. I wish to be a spark of joy that inspires your expressiveness and accompanies you with a steady flame on your path of natural growth and inner and outer transformation.

   M U S I C   

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Get to know my heart project
'Five Conversations on Love', a sound journey from loss to love.  

   M I N D S E T   

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Experience the power of sound in workshops, courses and individual coaching and strengthen the connection with yourself.  

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Become meditation. Our training courses givs you the knowledge and space for deep transformation.  


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I dream


I dream of being one wave of the ocean,

One cool and soft light breeze.

I dream of being that spark of devotion

That lights the fire of ease.


I dream of being an empty broad space,

Or part of mother’s mud,

That holds the high floating earth in its place

And fills the branches with buds.


I bow to my loved primordial source

Which takes me back to where

My life was nothing apart from that force

Of sound vibrations in air.



dedicated to the Yogi of Sound


Out Soon ⦁ Five Conversations on Love

Raag Bilaval  Thank You to Life

India Retreat  March 2019

Foto: Dumitritza Gore
Foto: Dumitritza Gore


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